Barony G Cloud Offering

Formed in 1993, with over 200 government clients, Barony is an independent consultancy and learning organisation which provides a number of key consulting support services.

Building upon the foundations of the Centre for e-Government, which was founded by Barony, these include;

  • Operating Cloud Learning networks;
  • G Cloud Brokerage – Defining your goals and helping you to understand G Cloud offerings and lean procurement;
  • Market stimulation and development;
  • ‘G Cloud for Dummies’ awareness workshops;
  • G Cloud Gap Analysis which assesses where you are now and what you can achieve with G Cloud;
  • G Cloud Business Case and Business Plan;
  • G Cloud BPR and Lean integration;
  • Implementation services;
  • Post implementation reviews;
  • Value for money studies;
  • Support for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS;
  • Agile system development; and
  • Partnering with G Cloud and #Cloudstore suppliers.